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ALLOTMENT OF SPACE Every endeavour will be made to meet the general wishes of exhibitors with regard to their position, in so far as it is possible to do so, within the general layout of the ground and without occasioning unfairness to others. The right is reserved to reject any proposed entry, or to cancel any entry that has been made, without being required to state any reason for so doing. In such cases the fees will be refunded.

ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE The exhibition hall will be open for the reception of exhibits on or after 30th August 2019. Exhibitors must have their stands arranged in proper order by 9 am on 31st of August and may not dismantle there stand before 6 pm on 1st of September.

CANCELLATION OF EXHIBITION If for any reason the event is cancelled, any payments made by intending exhibitors for space, services etc will be refunded in full.

CANCELLATION OF SPACE BOOKED Where an exhibitor cancels their booked space for any reason, all fees paid will be forfeited and the right is reserved to re-let the space. Exhibitors are also liable for all unpaid fees if booked space is cancelled.

DELIVERY TO STANDS On the 30th of August deliveries must be made before 8 pm. No vehicle will be allowed within the exhibition area after this time, except in emergencies.

PAYMENT TERMS 30 days from date of invoice and all payment must be made in full prior to the Show.

FIRE PRECAUTIONS It is a condition of entry to the Convention that every Exhibitor, sub-contractor or supplier comply with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and all associated legislation and guidance whilst on site. All exhibitors must undertake a suitable stand specific fire risk assessment, which identifies all foreseeable fire hazards, risks, control measures, likelihood and severity. A copy of the written fire safety risk assessments will be available onsite and provided on request from the conventions Safety officer. All fire precautions on the exhibition stands, including the supply and placing of suitable number and type of fire extinguishers, fire exits and fire safety signage, are the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Any exhibitor or traders who are going to use and store gas cylinders, generators and fuel must notify the Nitoe Events organisation team no later than 14 days before the Show of all details of intended use and storage.

It is the responsibility for the Exhibitor to manage fire safety on their exhibition stands.

SUB-LETTING & SHARING Exhibitors are not permitted to sub-let any part of the space allocated to them. However, genuine sharing of space eg:- a member of a tattoo studio verified to work with that studio will be permitted, but the event organisers must be informed and every exhibitor must complete an application form and appear in the programme.

STAND CLEANING It will be the responsibility of the exhibitor to keep their stand tidy.

HEALTH & SAFETY It is a condition of entry to the Tattoo convention that every individual, exhibitor, subcontractor or supplier comply with the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and all associated legislation whilst on site. All Exhibitors must undertake a suitable stand specific health and safety risk assessment which identifies all foreseeable health and safety hazards, risks, control measures, likelihood and severity. A copy of the written health and safety risk assessments must be available on-site and provided on request to the conventions Safety officer. All structures and equipment must comply with all current legislation, guidance and good practice. Where appropriate the stand holder must have a signed off certificate for structures which can be made available to the conventions safety officer on request for inspection. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to manage health and safety on their exhibition stands.

SECURITY The safe keeping of any article exhibited or brought into the show is the responsibility of the exhibitor. Nitoe Events Limited cannot accept responsibility for any theft or damage to property. There will be 24 hour security onsite to manage access and public safety on show days, build and breakdown and to protect the organiser assets. All persons and vehicles entering the site must comply with all instructions and information provided by security.

SITE CLEARANCE The exhibitor must clear away any materials, metal, glass, rubbish etc. The right is reserved to charge if this is not carried out by the exhibitor. All exhibits must be cleared by 10 am on Monday the 2nd of September.